Funds: Right For A Fresh Hand


If you don't have any experience of investment, it is suggested that your first investment product should be the fund. This is the most suitable type of investment for ordinary investors and an investment tool for everyone to hold for a long time. The fund is an essential part of everyone's investment course.


Why do we say that the fund is the most suitable investment method for ordinary investors and is very suitable for long-term holding?

First, it can generate high returns. Rate of return is an important index to measure the advantages and disadvantages of investment tools. In the long run, the investment outcome of the fund usually outperforms the market by a large margin. In the short term, under professional investment management, funds can usually get higher returns when the market is stable and reduce losses in a bear market. For example, in the bear market in 2008, the market fell by 65.4%, and the stock base only fell by 54.9%; In 2017, the market rose by 6.56% and the stock base rose by 16.66%.  

Although the investment income of short-term retail investors may exceed that of professional investors, institutional investors can outperform most individual investors in the long run. Besides, most investors do not have enough energy to study all investment products in depth. In professional management institutions, every investment direction has a professional management team, and even every subdivision is full of  special researchers. The ups and downs of assets are constantly rotating, and it is difficult for individual investors who are only familiar with individual investment fields to obtain high returns continuously. When investing in unfamiliar fields, it is the best choice for investment funds to hand over funds to professional fund management teams.


Third, it helps us reduce and spread risks. Funds help lower the threshold for investors to diversify their investments.However, under the collective investment mode, professional investment management teams can help investors to diversify risks to a greater extent by diversifying investment. Investors can also buy FOF funds and spread risks through professional management teams.


So, how to buy a fund?

Generally speaking, fund purchase channels can be divided into direct sales and consignment sales, both of which have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is necessary to compare the diversity of funds and the fees paid to different participants for comprehensive selection. There are various channels for purchasing funds. With the development of the Internet, it is now possible to invest funds without getting out of our home. It can be purchased at bank counters, fund company official websites, stock accounts and third-party fund sales platforms.

On the whole, the fund is a relatively mature investment tool with the lowest threshold. Investors can realize diversified investment of small-scale funds, and the return rate of the fund is very considerable. As an investment product suitable for long-term holding, it has natural advantages such as liquidity, safety, risk diversification, etc.