Don't waste your assets! You can still make money with the money you save


In this day and age, if you are simply saving money and putting a sum of money in the bank, you are losing out. You should know that if you have saved a significant amount of money, then you can rely on that money to make more money. Here are a few different ways to invest your money that can also be profitable if you take advantage of them. Let's look at the relatively stable returns on financial products.

The first is bank deposits, bank deposits are currently the safest form of financial protection, and most bank interest rates are currently within 4%.

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If you want to change the deposit rate, you can find such bank deposit products on some internet platforms, there are individual banks with five-year deposit rates that can reach 5% or more. However, this method is still suitable for investors with enough principal, otherwise, the less your principal is the less you get.

The second is the money fund, the current money fund's overall yield is not very high, the annualized return is about 2.5%. The third is the bank financial products, most of the bank financial products’ earnings are probably between 4% to 5.5%, and this is also the highest return of these three.


In addition to the above three, you can also try structured deposits. Although the investment channels of structured deposits and financial products are different and risky, the expected rate of return is not much different. Speculation is the most familiar form of investment, and the stock market is the easiest market to get started with and enter. Even if the capital is very little, a year to earn double this situation is not uncommon in the stock market. But there is still some difficulty in achieving a higher rate of return.


Since this year, the best fund, even 80% return, but we must also see that such high-yield products are often accompanied by high risk, you may get high returns for a while, but you may also lose the principal at any time. So the article suggests investing in funds with fixed investments, not seeking too high a rate of return, but if the investment time is long, then the probability of return will be high.

And all the above ways require us to have a higher principal to reach the $200 daily earnings. Therefore, it is more important to do our job and keep accumulating funds. So financial management must be serious about risk, at any time high returns must be accompanied by high risk, although some lower yields but accompanied by low risk, within 5% of the principal return are relatively safe, 5% to 8% to consider the loss of earnings, 8% to 12% to consider the loss of part of the principal, 12% or more yield, that should always be prepared for the risk that all the principal can not be recovered. Last but most importantly, whether it is a high-risk investment or a low-risk investment, investment returns are proportional to the principal, that is, the more principal you have the more returns you will receive.