The secrets of senior people who have been speculating for more than a decade without losing money!


The author has a good friend who is a senior speculator, he speculated for up to 15 years and never lost money, understand the stock market people know that speculation to earn money is not difficult, but to be able to do speculation all the time will not lose, that is a very powerful thing! This article will share with you a few tips from senior stock speculators who have been in the stock market for over a decade without losing money. If you want to speculate as a second career, used to support your family, then you must read this article carefully, if you can know the truth in the article, then you can exceed nearly 80% of the stockholders, avoiding some of the pitfalls of speculation.


First of all, do not have the fear of losing money before speculation, maintain an optimistic mindset, be prepared not to make money or even lose money, and then from technical indicators to look at the fundamentals, to understand the emotions, after a thousand market refinements you know that a good mindset is a key to success in speculation, to maintain a good mindset to persevere to see the light of victory. Second, the fear of the market is an important lesson in stock speculation. Nothing is certain, except the market. The market trend is always right, if you can predict the trend of the market, and follow its development to make decisions rather than make things contrary to the trend, you can succeed 80%. This approach is especially applicable to making short term. Because the short term is a zero-sum game, to win, you need a keen sense of smell, a keen sense of smell is reflected in the capture of hot topics, the study of sustainability. The firm and decisive, once you see the direction of the stock market wind immediately make a decision, do not hesitate, or you are likely to hesitate to miss a good opportunity. Steady and calm, always put the position management in an important


To do short term, you need to do good position management and keen market sense, because this is a naked zero-sum game, perhaps some stockholders think that doing short term is a very test of speculation technology, but more important than technology is to strictly comply with the stock market discipline. If you do not respect some of the disciplines of the stock market, it is likely to be abandoned by the general trend.


If you want to do well in the short term, but also want to harvest, you need to meet two conditions, the first is real short-term operation, which is, "timing" In two words, the main goal of the short-term is to do only the main wave of the market, the second strict implementation of discipline, the two indispensable, we must understand that there is no discipline is not a square, if there is no discipline, it is difficult to long-term Survival.